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Wile-E-Coyote is a "classic" colored Burmese python.  He does love to hiss, and constantly lets us know what he does and doesn't like.  Lately, he's been competing with Kermit to see who is the most 'grumpy' snake.  The bad part is that his teeth are much larger than Kermit's!

12/27/01 - He was a little dried out and having trouble with a shed (even after soaking in his water bowl for two days).  So, we decided to help him shed his skin.  After the manual shed, he looks great, and we only used a few splashes of Hydrogen Peroxide to clean up the holes in our fingers.  He wasn't thrilled at all about having us "help" him.

1/5/02 - Wile almost went back to the store as part trade for Mocha, but we decided at the last minute to keep him for a while and see if he gets over his current bad mood.


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