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Ok, so his name wasn't supposed to be Smedley, but until we thought one up, it's what we used ... and it stuck!


Smedley is a male New Guinea Water Python.  He's brown on top with the most amazing iridescence when the light hits him.  Underneath, he positively glows yellow.  We were told in the store that he is aggressive, and the sales guy said several times "are you sure you want to handle him".  In reality, he's such a pussycat, and seems (so far) to be one of the more docile snakes in our collection.  He seems to like to just "hang out" and he likes to snuggle up.  This in sharp contrast to Kermit, who is definitely a much more aggressive and snappy snake.  Smedley is actually a relative of Kermit in a way - he's a sub-species of the Macklots Python.


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