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Lilith came to us from a wonderful couple who lived in Northern California. Her former Mom, Cinder had taken an exciting teaching position in China and of course, could not take Lilith with them when they move. The zoo wouldn't take her and they really wanted her to have a home with more regular personal contact. Fortunately for all of us the RARN team sent them our way and Lilith has been welcomed into the SnakesOnline family!

She is 12years old, 18 feet long, close to 200 pounds and a real sweetheart!

She's done lots of shows, with lots of kids, including the Long Beach Unified High School District Science Fair for 5 years in a row! (click here for some pictures from her 2005 show)

Lilith died in 2009 from a 2 year long fight with respiratory infection (like human pneumonia).  We are greatly saddened by this, but are comforted knowing that her suffering is at an end now.


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