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Yes, "A snake called Wanda!"

Wanda died on 9-22-02.  We'll really miss our "snake on pot".  She was much loved by all and was exceptionally good with kids (not what one would expect from a gopher snake traditionally).  We were extremely fortunate to be able to acquire one of her sisters (from the same clutch).  This snake has a different personality entirely, but is a living reminder of Wanda.

Wanda was hatched on 08-05-01 and purchased on 09/08/01.  She's a Baja Cape Gopher snake, 18.5" long, and about 1/2" in diameter.  She's quite shy at the moment, but has a mellow personality and doesn't mind being handled.  In fact, she seems to want to get back out of the cage for more when you send her home.


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