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Midnight is an Eastern Indigo snake.  We purchased him from Fred Albury at the San Diego reptile show on 7/13/02.  He was 2 weeks old, and our challenge is to get him to eat!

Success!!  He's eating now: Green Anole lizards and Green Tree Frogs.  We're hoping to switch him to rodents at some point, but at the moment we're happy that he's eating at all.  It took 3-4 weeks to get him to eat.  Not too bad really, as Fred says that sometimes it can take up to 5 months - wow!

Midnight died on 3/23/03.  We had a Necropsy performed and it didn't come back with anything conclusive.  The vet's opinion seemed to be that the poor guy wasn't getting nutrition that he needed.  This may have been caused by a weakness in the snake which in nature would have caused him to be prey for some animal early on.  It could also have been some kind of infection or virus which was not detectable.  In nature, a lot of animals don't make it.  In captivity, we tend to expect that we'll be able to pull every one through.  Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, that is not always the case.


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