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When Wanda died on 9-22-02, we were extremely fortunate to be able to acquire one of her sisters the same day, from the same clutch as Wanda!  Since Wanda was Emily Schmidt's favorite snake, we decided to name this new snake "Emily" in honor of Wanda and Emily.

Emily doesn't have the same laid-back attitude that Wanda was known for.  In fact, she hasn't been handled much and so is quite tense and difficult to manage.  She rattles her tail, hisses, and bites.  Oh boy, another Kermit!  She has been sitting in her cage with her brother over at Reptiles Unlimited for months - apparently waiting for us!  Well, we're hoping that she'll get used to being handled over time, and we think that while she'll never replace Wanda, she'll be a nice living reminder of her.

Emily left us Sunday October 2nd, 2005


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