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Clive is a Lake Erie water snake.  These snakes are on the “threatened” list. They have only a 25 mile range around Lake Erie and apparently aren't prolific breeders.  People in the area mistake these snakes for water moccasins (which are venomous, but have a distinct pattern as opposed to the uniform black/gray of this snake).  Unfortunately, people tend to kill first and verify second.  Their habitat is also being eroded by human development in the area.
Clive is a female (named by her previous owner, prior to having her sexed), and is a real sweetheart.  She's full grown and is about 5 years old in the pictures below.  Her scales are heavily keeled and feel rough to the touch (rougher than a rattlesnake even!).  She eats just about anything found around a lake, but prefers fish and large bullfrog tadpoles.  We put her food items in a glass bowl and she goes “fishing”.
She was the main subject of an Animal Planet episode of “Beverly Hills Vet”.  However, the production company apparently had a disagreement with Animal Planet, and this episode (along with others) will probably never be aired.


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