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Casper is a leucistic Texas rat snake.  He's pure white except for one single dark scale. 


Casper died on 9/22/02.  We were extremely sad at the passing of our "little goofball".  We couldn't bear not having such a beautiful snake in our collection, so we purchased two baby leucistic Texas rat snakes (Casper II and Boo).


1/4/02 - Casper SHED!  He looks great, and although the left eye is still somewhat larger than the other, the extra eye-cap is gone and he's a much happier camper.  According to Elric at Reptiles Unlimited, the one eye was always a bit bigger than the other, so we're not worried any more.


12/01 - He had a bit of a problem with shedding - he's not shedding and he should be!  Also, one eye looks larger than the other due to an eye-cap of skin from a previous shed (see Wile-E's page for more amusing shed stuff).  His vision was terrible because of this. We're hoping that on the next shed (any day now), he'll lose the extra eye-cap and be back to normal. 


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