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Science Fair 2009

Saturday, May 16th 2009 - We took 4 large snakes to the Long Beach Unified School District Science Fair.  This is our 6th year in a row attending this wonderful event!

Lilith (our big Burmese) has a respiratory infection and so we couldn't bring her (first time in 5 years), but we brought Cuddles (yellow head reticulated python), Tweety (albino patternless Burmese python), Shannon (albino Burmese python), and Bernie (standard Burmese python).

We had a great time, and all the kids and parents seemed to be having lots of fun.  Once again, we are grateful for the wonderful help we received from so many of the Long Beach School District ROTC students. This year, two of them were taking a very active role snake-wrangling and answering questions.  They worked hard and were a tremendous asset to the success of the day!

Thank you also to Susan Garcia, science teacher from Colin Powell Middle School for inviting us again this year.

Thanks, Karin for taking the pictures and signing all the treasure-hunt cards!


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