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Unfortunately, there are always many homeless captive bred snakes.  Sometimes people have the best of intentions, but their personal or family situations change and they can no longer maintain their pet.  Other times, people buy a snake for a momentary fascination and when it wears off, they don't want the responsibility.  Many times, people buy a snake when it's small and cute, and even though they are told that the particular breed grows very large, it's hard to picture mentally until the snake becomes more than they can handle.  Our animal shelters and rescue organizations constantly have a flow of snakes who through no fault of their own are without a home and need some love and care.


We are actively involved with several organizations that frequently have snakes which have been rescued, nursed back to health in some cases, and are ready to be adopted out to a wonderful home.


***Please remember that all of the snakes you see pictured on this website are already in permanent homes and are not available for adoption.  If you'd like to adopt a snake, ask us what snakes are available at that time.

Snakes Available for Adoption

As of October 2011, we have several baby red-tail boas available.  Please contact us for more information.


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